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Frigate Victoria (F-82) Ships

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Our history - Victoria (F-82)

The “Victoria” is the second unit of the “Santa María”-class frigates built in Ferrol, launched on July 23rd 1986 and delivered to the Spanish Navy on October 29th 1987.

The ship is named after the vessel “Victoria”, the remaining ship of a flotilla of five which sailed around the globe for the first time under the command of Juan Sebastián de Elcano from September 20th 1519 until September 8th 1522. The vessel was named after the Seville church of “Santa María de la Victoria” where Ferdinand Magellan swore loyalty to Emperor Charles I.

Only 18 men survived out of the original complement of 234 in the five- ship flotilla. The other four vessels were: “Trinidad” (110 tons and 55 sailors under the command of Magellan); “San Antonio” (120 tons and 60 sailors); “Concepción” (90 tons and 45 sailors) and “Santiago” (75 tons and 32 sailors).

Other ships with the same name

  • Frigate VICTORIA (1719).
  • Warship VICTORIA (1730-1738). Built in Guarnizo with 50 guns. Sank near Veracruz.
  • Frigate VICTORIA (1755-1762). Built in La Carraca with 26 guns. Lost off the Isle of Farallón.
  • Frigate VICTORIA built in 1806 but never launched.
  • Frigate VICTORIA (1865-1904). Built in Great Britain with 30 guns. She took part in the uprising of Cartagena in 1873.

Main Operations and Exercises - Victoria (F-82)

Since her delivery to the Spanish Navy on October 29th 1987, frigate “Victoria” has sailed throughout most oceans and has participated in the following activities:

  • CCSQT assessment trials with the U.S. Navy in Norfolk and Fort Everglades from April to July 2008.
  • She took part in naval task groups deployed by Spain in the Red Sea and Persian Gulf after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait (January-May 1991).
  • 1992 was especially noteworthy. It was the year when the ship integrated into one NATO’s Standing Naval Forces (STANAVFORLANT) and received her Battle Ensign in Ferrol on February 12th.
  • She participated on three occasions in operation SHARP GUARD in the Balkans (1993, 1994 and 1996).
  • In 1999 frigate “Victoria” integrated into STANAVFORMED (Feb-May).
  • In the year 2000, she represented the Spanish Navy in Rio de Janeiro on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the discovery of Brazil.
  • From January to April 2001, the “Victoria” crossed the Atlantic several times as part of STANAVFORLANT.
  • After the September 11th terrorist attacks, frigate “Victoria” was one of the Spanish Navy units deployed in the fight against fundamentalist terrorism, participating in operations ACTIVE ENDEAVOUR and ENDURING FREEDOM from May to September 2002.
  • From January to March 2003, Rear Admiral Otero Penelas and his Staff commanded the STANAVFORLANT.
  • The last milestone was an intense upgrading program carried out by NAVANTIA in Cádiz from February 2005 to October 2007. The overhaul of this 20-year old ship turned her into one of the Spanish Navy spearheads.
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