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HISTORY - Light Transport "MARTÍN POSADILLO" (A-04)

The roll-on/roll-off "Martín Posadillo" is an Army light transport ship operated by the Spanish Navy. Her home port is Cartagena Naval Base and is normally assigned with transports missions between Spanish and other Mediterranean ports.

The ship was built by the Duro Felguera Shipyards in Gijón (1973) and procured by the Army in 1990. She was named after the Quartermaster Colonel José Mª Martín Posadillo Muñiz, killed in a terrorist attack. Her original base was the city of Ceuta, but was moved to Cartagena when she was transferred to the Spanish Navy in February 2000.

The ship is still Army property but operated by Navy personnel and commanded by a Lieutenant –Commander.

MISSIONS - Light Transport "MARTÍN POSADILLO" (A-04)
  • Support to the cities of Ceuta and Melilla, North-African rocks and isles, and the Balearic and Canary Islands, as well as any other operational activities which may contribute to the national defense.
  • Transport of resources and materiel to Army contingents deployed in foreign theatres.
  • Transport of Army units for training activities between Spanish ports, or between national and foreign ports.


    The "Martín Posadillo" is a roll-on/roll-off transport ship with three cargo decks and 850-ton capacity (trucks, containers, tanks, heavy vehicles, etc). The ship can operate with helicopters.

    1. LENGTH: 75 meters
    2. BEAM: 13 meters.
    3. DISPLACEMENT: 2,300 tons max.
    4. SPEED: 10 knots
    5. CREW: 26
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