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Background New Units

In-flight helicopter

In-flight helicopter

The NATO sponsored programme started in the 80’s but was boosted in 1990 when a contract was signed by four nations (France, Germany, Italy and Holland).

In 1992 two firms were set up: NAHEMA and NHINDUSTRIES, signing a contract with D&D. Production of 243+55 helicopters was approved in May 2000. Portugal joined the programme in 2001 procuring 10 NH-90 units.

Spain intends to operate 104 NH-90 helicopters for the three Services.

  • Army: 48
  • Navy: 28
  • Air Force: 28

The Government authorised the procurement of a first batch of 45 units on May 19th 2005.

Ten of them will be in the TTH version for Force Projection Support and another unit will be used as a trial platform for other configurations: Multi-purpose, MPN, Airborne Surveillance & Control ASaC).

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