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Purpose of the Mission - 89th Training Cruise ‘Juan Sebastián de Elcano’ - Activities - Armada Española - Ministerio de Defensa - Gobierno de España

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89th Training Cruise ‘Juan Sebastián de Elcano’

  • Purpose of the Mission

Purpose of the Mission Activities

Training Cruiseson board the ‘Juan Sebastián de Elcano’ contribute to the nautical, military, social and human instruction of midshipmen from the Marin Naval Academy.The ship also actively supports the State foreign policy visiting different ports during her training cruise.

In this, her 89th training cruise, the ship has embarked 76 midshipmen from the 419th Spanish Navy graduation class, the 149th Marine Corps graduation and the 92nd Quartermaster graduation class.

The ‘Juan Sebastián de Elcano’ is under commandof Captain VictorianoGilabert, and her crew consists of 24 officers, 22 NCOs, 125 leading seamen and ratings, and 2 civilians.

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