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LPD ‘Galicia’ welcomed the Prime Minister of Somalia and the European Union Ambassador to Somalia. - Navy News - Armada Española - Ministerio de Defensa - Gobierno de España

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Sunday, 17 December 2017 - document to 20:34:22

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Operation ATALANTA

LPD ‘Galicia’ welcomed the Prime Minister of Somalia and the European Union Ambassador to Somalia.
The ‘Galicia’ hosted a meeting between Somali and EU authorities on the occasion of Europe’s Day.
Friday, May 12, 2017

During the celebrations of Europe’s Day, the Spanish Navy LPD ‘Galicia’, currently deployed in the counter-piracy Operation ‘Atalanta’ in the Indian Ocean, hosted a working luncheon between Somali and European Authorities.

The Somali delegation was presided over by the Prime Minister, Hassan Ali Khaire, accompanied by the Ministers of Defense and Interior. The European Union delegation consisted of the EU Ambassador to Somalia, Veronique Lorenzo and the Commanding Officers of ‘Atalanta’ Naval Forces and the Chiefs of the EUCAP and EUTM Somalia missions.

The amphibious assault ship ‘Galicia’ was sailing 15 miles off the Mogadishu coast and the authorities arrived at the ship by helicopter. They were welcomed by the Chief of the Operation, Rear-admiral Rafael Fernández-Pintado and the ship’s Commanding Officer.

Once on board they were toured around the ship, and from the bridge they saw the German maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) overflying the ship at low altitude. The current ‘Atalanta’ Force is made up by Spanish and German MPAs, the Italian Navy frigate ‘Espero’ and the LPD ‘Galicia’.

They later proceeded to the ship’s wardroom for a working luncheon where they discussed topics of common interest and possibilities of future collaboration initiatives, including requirements and priorities to strengthen the economic, industrial and trade capabilities of Somalia in order to address the root causes of piracy. The meeting concluded with a press conference in the ship’s hangar.

Since the beginning of the counter-piracy Operation ‘Atalanta’ in 2008, the ships and MPAs of this European Union naval force have also provided protection to World Food Program ships carrying humanitarian aid to the Somali population. So far, up to 1.3 million tons of food have been delivered.

Recent pirate attacks underline the need to continue with this operation in the Horn of Africa.

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