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Wednesday, 17 January 2018 - document to 23:19:25

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Frigate ‘Victoria’ turns 30.
Monday, October 30, 2017

On October 29th 2017, the F-80 frigate ‘Victoria’ turned 30. She is the second of a batch of six ‘Santa María’-class frigates. The F-82 was delivered to the Spanish Navy this very day but in 1987. The ship, under command of Cdr. Antonio González-Aller, received the battle ensign in Ferrol (NW Spain) in February 1992.

The ship is named after one of the ships that left Spain in September 1519 to circumnavigate the world for the first time, returning under command of Juan Sebastián de Elcano on September 6th 1522.

The ship has had 20 Commanding Officers and has participated in many NATO, EU and multinational operations, among them: ‘Desert Storm’ (1991), ‘Sharp Guard’ (1989, 1993 and 1996), UNITAS (1997 and 2004), ‘Allied Force’ (1999), ‘Enduring Freedom’ (2002, 2003, 2004), EUNAVFOR ‘Atalanta’ (2009, 2010, 2015), and EUNAVFOR MED ‘Sophia’ (2017). The frigate has launched a total of 40 SM-1 missiles, 3,601 gun shots (OTO MELARA) and 10 torpedo launchings.

The frigate has sailed more than 690,400 nautical miles (the equivalent of 32 journeys around the world) during 3,618 days at sea crossing the Suez Canal 14 times and twice the Panama Canal, visiting 28 different nations and more than 70 national and international ports.

The different crews have evolved and adapted to the changing times, implementing new doctrines, adjusting the ship and her equipment to the missions entrusted and absorbing the lessons learnt by former servicemen.

As regards maintenance, frigate ‘Victoria’ went into dry dock 15 times, and in 2007-08 she underwent a mid-life overhaul to extend her operational life updating her accommodation facilities, propulsion plant and several combat systems.

Last September 9th the ‘Victoria’ concluded a three-month deployment participating in Operation ‘Sophia’ in central Mediterranean, where she rescued a total of 1,175 people in the course of 6 rescue operations. She provided medical assistance to 79 migrants, medevaced 4 people and destroyed 16 craft used by human trafficking networks.

In this anniversary, the Spanish Navy wants to underline this milestone as a homage, tribute and a token of appreciation to all the sailors who have served on board the F-82.

The ship, under command of Cdr. Juan Luis Benavides, is currently docked in full readiness in Rota Naval Base.

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