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Welcome Organization

Welcome to these pages dedicated to the Spanish Submarine Force. Through these pages, you will be able to surf along the history of this section of the Spanish Navy, which started with the Royal Decree of His Majesty the King Alphonse XIII on 17 of February, 1915, where it was approved that, at the expense of the general budget, four submarines be purchased as well as the necessary items for crew`s instruction & rescue….and up to these days.

As in every history there is a prehistory, which was written by these pioneers who , with imagination, hope, knowledge, sacrificing their own fortune & in many occasions their lives, created different artifacts which step by step gave birth to the submarine as it is known nowadays

However, the Submarine Force is not only history but also present; with qualified crew, ships and facilities it is structured by an only command within a modern organization which lets them accomplish the diverse tasks assigned in accordance with the National Defense.

A navy without a future is valueless and our future has commenced with the carrying out of the new S-80 Submarines, a technological challenge of the Spanish engineering, with the conception of a craft provided with intelligent safety systems, weapons, sensors, satellite communication system as well as an Air Independent Propulsion System (AIP), which will enable to carry out new challenges and tasks to be assigned to the submarines in the future and at the same time the integration with surface forces, aircrafts, special operation forces or missions of intelligence & vigilance in areas of conflict.

As our motto goes: yesterday, today & tomorrow AD UTRUMQUE PARATUS (PREPARED FOR EVERYTHING).

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