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Commandant General of the Marine Corps Who Is Who

Commandant General of the Marine Corps Jesús Manuel Vicente Fernández

Major General Jesús Manuel Vicente Fernández was born in Tui, Pontevedra in 1956. He entered the Spanish Naval Academy in 1976 and was promoted to Marine Corps first lieutenant in 1981. As midshipman he sailed around the world in the training ship “Juan Sebastián de Elcano”.

As lieutenant he served in the first Landing Battalion of the Marine Corps’ Tercio de Armada (TEAR) and later commanded the Security Detachments of San Sebastián, Pasajes and Fuenterrabía. He also served in the Special Operations Unit.

As MC Captain he was assigned to the Madrid Security Group and the Naval Academy as lecturer. In 1993 he was promoted to Major and worked in the Marine Corps Staff and in the 1997 EU Mission in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

From 1997 to June 2001 he was appointed Aide-de-Camp of His Majesty the King, and from 2001 to 2003, as Lieutenant-Colonel, he served in the TEAR’s Special Operations Unit and the Operations Section of the Defense Staff. From 2004 to 2007 he was assigned to NATO’s Allied Command-Transformation (ACT) in Norfolk, VA. As Colonel he was assigned to the Plans Division of the Marine Corps’ HQ and in June 2009 he was appointed commander of the TEAR’s Base Unit.

In December 2010 he was promoted to Brigadier General and appointed Chief of the Tercio de Armada and the Marine Corps Brigade. On August 2nd 2013 he was appointed Fleet’s Chief of Staff.

On September 19th 2014 he was promoted to Major General and appointed Commandant General of the Marine Corps.

His military training includes courses on Special Operations, Communications, and an Army Staff course. He is a professor of physical education, diving and parachuting. Other courses are: NATO’s Expeditionary Operations, Logistics Management and Financial Resources Management organized by the Defense High Studies Center. Flag Officers’ Course at the US Naval War College and has a Master degree on Peace, Security and Defense of the Gutierrez Mellado University.

Major General Vicente Fernández has been awarded the following national and international decorations: Medal of Suffering for the Motherland; ECMM Medal of former Yugoslavia; Grand Crosses of Naval Merit and San Hermenegildo; Merit Medals from Italy, Colombia and Chile; and the Civil Merit and the Charles III Commendations, the latter awarded by King Juan Carlos I.

He is married and has three children, one of them a Naval Officer.

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