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The Force


Listado de Actividades De La Fuerza

SNMG2.- Fragata "Blas de Lezo" (F-103)

SNMG2.- Blas de Lezo’ – F-103

Frigate ‘Blas de Lezo (F-103) departed from her homeport (Ferrol) towards the Mediterranean Sea to integrate into the Standing NATO Maritime Group Two (SNMG-2) until the end of November. After an intense two-week pre-deployment and readiness period, the ship headed towards the port of La Spezia in Italy. [>>] Go to the activity
Despliegue Africano.- Patrullero "Atalaya" (P-74)

African Deployment – Offshore Patrol Boat ‘Atalaya’ (P-74)

The offshore patrol vessel (OPV) ‘Atalaya’ will conduct a series of activities with African navies during the next four months as part of the Defense Diplomacy Plan, organized by the Ministry of Defense and the Spanish Navy. [>>] Go to the activity
SNMG-2.- BAC "Patiño"(A-14)

Integration into SNMG-2 – ‘PATIÑO’ (A-14)

The auxiliary oiler and replenishment ship (AOR) ‘Patiño’ has integrated into the Standing NATO Maritime Group Two (SNMG-2) in the Mediterranean Sea until December. [>>] Go to the activity
SEA GUARDIAN.- Submarino "Mistral" (S-73)

Submarine ‘Mistral’ (S-73)

The ‘Mistral’ is deployed in Operation ‘Sea Guardian’ as of August 15th, a Maritime Security operation focused on enhancing awareness of the maritime domain to deter and fight terrorism, as well as mitigate other threats in the Mediterranean Sea and near the Strait of Gibraltar. [>>] Go to the activity
EUNAVFOR SOMALIA.- Fragata "Canarias" (F-86)

EUNAVFOR SOMALIA – Frigate ‘Canarias’ (F-86)

Frigate ‘Canarias’ (F-86) has just left her homeport in Rota Naval Base to participate in the EU-led counter-piracy Operation EUNAVFOR ATALANTA in the Indian Ocean, entrusted also with the protection of vulnerable shipping in the area, especially WFP (World Food Program) and AMISOM (African Union Mission in Somalia) ships. This is a clear example of Spain’s commitment with European Union and United Nations missions. [>>] Go to the activity
500 Aniversario.- Fragata "Méndez Núñez" (F-104)

Frigate ‘Méndez Núñez’ (F-104) – 500th Anniversary of the first Circumnavigation.

Frigate ‘Méndez Núñez’ (F-104) departed Ferrol to start an operational deployment during which she will circumnavigate the globe sailing eastwards in the year when we celebrate the 500th anniversary of the first voyage around the world completed by Juan Sebastián de Elcano. [>>] Go to the activity
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