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SNMG2.- Blas de Lezo’ – F-103

Purpose of the mission Activities

Purpose of the mission

SNMG-2 – Frigate ‘Blas de Lezo’ (F-103)

Frigate ‘Blas de Lezo (F-103) departed from her homeport (Ferrol) towards the Mediterranean Sea to integrate into the Standing NATO Maritime Group Two (SNMG-2) until the end of November. After an intense two-week pre-deployment and readiness period, the ship headed towards the port of La Spezia in Italy.

The Group is scheduled to participate in several multinational exercises like ‘Dynamic Mariner-Flotex’, ‘Mare Aperto 19-2’ and ‘Dogu Akdeniz 19’.

For this deployment, the ‘Blas de Lezo’ has embarked an SH-60B helicopter with its support personnel, a Marine Corps security team, and medical personnel with telemedicine equipment with a total complement of 237 people.

The F-103 is the third ‘Álvaro de Bazán’-class frigate of a batch of five, delivered to the Spanish Navy in December 2004. With her 5,800 tons, and a length of 147 meters this state-of-the-art multipurpose escort with ample anti-air capability can also operate as command and control ship thanks to her AEGIS combat system and the SPY 1-D multifunction radar.

The ‘Blas de Lezo’ is currently under command of Cdr. Juan Carlos Pérez Guerrero and this is the fourth time the ship integrates into the SNMG-2, in 2013 as flagship of the maritime group.

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