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Admiral Manuel Garat Caramé

Admiral Manuel Garat Caramé
Admiral Manuel Garat Caramé
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Admiral Manuel Garat Caramé

Academic Background

-Lieutenant Junior Grade (Naval Academy)

-Specialist in Communications (Spanish Navy Transmissions Electronics and School in Vigo)

-Naval Air Controller (Aircraft Crews School in Rota)

-Staff Course (Naval Warfare College in Madrid)

-Naval Command Course (Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island. USA)

-Languages: English. SLP

Professional Experience

He joined the Naval Academy in 1975 and graduated as Lieutenant Junior Grade in 1980.

As an officer, he spent 10 years embarked on different Fleet warships. In 1989 he was appointed lecturer at the Naval Academy, and in 1991 he commanded a Midshipmen’s brigade on board the training ship Juan Sebastián de Elcano .

As a Staff Officer he held several posts in NATO’s Southern Europe Headquarters (Naples, Italy 1999); Spanish Navy Headquarters (Madrid, 1993 and 2009), Fleet Headquarters (Rota, Cádiz, 1992 and 2005), and the Fleet’s Amphibious Force (Rota, Cádiz 1995).

Admiral Garat has been Commanding Officer of the following warships: minesweepers Ebro (Cartagena 1991-92) and Guadalete (Cartagena 1997-98); F-100 frigate Almirante Juan de Borbón (Ferrol 2002-05) and Chief of the 31st Escort Squadron (Ferrol, 2007-09).

As Rear-admiral he was appointed Commander of Naval Action Group 1 which includes the 31 st and 41 st Escort Squadrons (F-100 and F-80 frigates), and the logistic support auxiliary ships (Ferrol 2010-12). As Vice-admiral he was Chief of Ferrol Naval Base (2012-2015); the Fleet’s Naval Action Force; and Commander of the High Readiness Maritime Headquarters (2015-17).

On September 22nd 2017 he was appointed Deputy Chief of Staff of the Spanish Navy.

Admiral Manuel Garat Caramé was born on December 17 th 1957, is married, and has seven children and six grandchildren.


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