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Admiral Salvador María Delgado Moreno

Admiral Salvador María Delgado Moreno
Admiral Salvador María Delgado Moreno
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Admiral Salvador María Delgado Moreno

Admiral Salvador María Delgado Moreno was born in Cartagena on 5th November 1956. He entered the SN Naval Academy in 1974. He was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade in 1979 and to his current promotion on December 2016.

ADM Delgado Moreno has commanded the SN training ship “Juan Sebastián de Elcano”, the frigate “Numancia”, the minesweeper “Guadalmedina” and the patrol boat “Ulla”.

He has been Executive Officer on board corvette “Infanta Elena” and has served on board corvette “Descubierta", landing crafts “Velasco” and “Conde de Venadito” and patrol boat “Villaamil”.

Among his shore assignments, Fleet Naval Staffs, Naval Operational Command and NATO Joint Southwest Headquarters can be highlighted, as well as his assignment as Executive Commander of the SN Naval Radio Station; he has been a Navigation and Manoeuver lecturer at the SN Naval Academy. As Captain, he was appointed as Chief of Planning and Human Resources Division of the Personnel Department, as well as Chief of the Assistance Office to the Spanish Navy Personnel Head Office.

On 15th January 2010, he was promoted to Rear Admiral and was appointed as Chief of the Navy Staff Logistic Division. On April 2011 he was appointed as Commander of the Canary Islands Naval Command. On 21st September 2012 he was promoted to Vice Admiral and appointed as Maritime Action Force Commander. Since September 2015 he is Director of Maintenance in the SN Logistic Support Command.

Currently he is the Admiral in Chief of the Spanish Navy Logistic Support Command.

ADM Delgado Moreno has a diploma in Naval Warfare, and is a specialist in Communications; he has also completed several national and NATO courses, specifically in the fields of Intelligence and Logistics.

ADM Delgado Moreno has been awarded several national and foreign decorations.

He is married and has four children.


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