Master Chief Petty Officer D. José Manuel Castaño Romalde
Master Chief Petty Officer D. José Manuel Castaño Romalde
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Master Chief Petty Officer D. José Manuel Castaño Romalde

José Manuel Castaño Romalde was born in Ferrol (Corunna) on June 9th 1959 and joined the Spanish Navy on October 28th 1976. After attending all scheduled promotion courses, he became Petty Officer 1st Class in June 1985 as an energy and propulsion specialist at the Engines School in Ferrol.

Previously, in 1977, he had embarked as Seaman on board the attack transport ship ‘Aragón’. As Leading Seaman he was first posted to the frigate ‘Legazpi’ homeported in Ferrol, and subsequently to the destroyer ‘Intrépido’ until January 1979 when he entered the Engines School becoming Petty Officer 2nd Class.

His first Petty Officer post was on the frigate ‘Andalucía’ from the 31st Fleet Escort Squadron with base in Ferrol. After that, he embarked on the destroyer ‘Jorge Juan’ until August 31st 1984. As Petty Officer 1st Class he was posted to the destroyer ‘Almirante Ferrándiz’ in the Canary Islands. He was then appointed engines inspector of the FRAM-type destroyers for an eight-month period, subsequently embarking on the following units: destroyer ‘Churruca’ (June 1988 – September 1989) and destroyer ‘Lángara’ (September 1989 – January 1992).

In 1992 he became a member of the prospective crew of the offshore patrol vessel ‘Vigía’ until her delivery to the Spanish Navy, being then posted to the F-80 frigate ‘Victoria’.

In January 1995 he was assigned to the amphibious ship LPD ‘Castilla’ and in 1997, once again, to frigate ‘Victoria’ until his new assignment in the Aircraft Flotilla at Rota Naval Base as Aircraft Fuel Manager.

Later assignments include the Combat Assessment and Qualification Center (CEVACO) and the Education Directorate at the Spanish Navy Headquarters in Madrid until December 2012. He returned to CEVACO facilities at the end of 2012 until October 2014 when he was promoted to Master Chief Petty Officer.

On November 3rd 2014 he was assigned to the Communications and Information Systems at the Navy Headquarters, and in November 2016 he became Master Chief Petty Officer of the Fleet Headquarters until July 2018 when he was appointed Master Chief Petty Officer of the Spanish Navy.

He has the following professional certificates: Damage Control, CBRN, Gas Turbines and SIABOD.

He has been awarded the following decorations: Badge, Commendation and Cross of the Order of San Hermenegildo, five Naval Merit Crosses, NATO Medals (former Yugoslavia and Kosovo) and the WEU Service Medal.

José Manuel Castaño is married to María Milagros Sánchez and has two children.


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