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Cómo ingresar

With Secondary Education + University Admission Test
+ 21 years max.

With a University Degree
+ 26 years max.

English exam

Physo-physical tests

Medical check up


The Naval Academy is, since 1717, the only specialized training center for future naval officers. It is a high degree educational center with 19 different syllabuses depending on the Corps selected and the military or civilian origin of candidates. There are two access models:

The first model is for direct access to the Navy and the Marine Corps without a previous university degree. Requirements: University Admission Test, good level of English and a specific psycho-physical entrance exam. It is a five-year academic course; once they conclude their studies, the midshipmen receive a double degree: a civil degree in Mechanical Engineering (Bologna) awarded by the Defense University dependent on the University of Vigo, and the degree of Military Officers. Both with a workload of 240 ECTS. (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System).

The second access model is for candidates with a university degree. They can join all Corps including the Quartermaster and Engineer Corps. Those courses last from one to two years.

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