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Thursday, 24 April 2014 - documento de las 08:44:21

Noteworthy Activities

  • Como parte del Plan General de Vigilancia de Pesca del año 2014, el Patrullero de Altura ‘ARNOMENDI’ participará en la campaña internacional NEAFC en aguas del mar de Irminguer para el control de la flota pesquera que faena en esas aguas.

  • The SNMG-2 is made up of an assortment of frigates and logistic ships from different NATO nations.

  • Operation ‘Atalanta’ is the first naval operation led by the European Union and is a clear example of the European Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) in harmony with several UN Security Council resolutions.

  • The ‘Juan Sebastián de Elcano’ has set sail to start the second stage of her midshipmen training cruise where they continue with their 4th year studies on board.

  • The schedule of events is very tight. From the very first day several meetings were organized to prepare the maneuvers we are about to participate with the Turkish Navy: ‘Dogu Akdeniz’

  • During this two and a half month-long deployment, the ‘Infanta Elena’ will participate in several APS maritime security exercises.