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Naval Weapons Engineer School Armada's schools

History Armada's schools

Front of the building of the ETSIAN

Fachada del edificio de la ETSIAN

The School was founded in 1943 when the Artillery Corps of the Spanish Navy was reorganized to adapt it to the new requirements which include all technical aspects related to weapons, explosives, optronic systems, fire control, chemical issues and armor-plating.

In 1967 the Spanish Navy Corps of Engineers was officially established as it is known today. One of the three branches of the Corps was Naval Weapons. In 1989 and thanks to the new law governing the Regulations of Professional Military Personnel, the ETSIAN became a Military Educational Center for those officers who, after studying a civilian engineering career, join the Spanish Navy Corps of Engineers.

New challenges lie ahead for the ETSIAN in the short term, to adapt its syllabus and implement the Bologna Plan.

State-of-the-art developments in science and technology of naval weapons demand constant updates and reviews in order to carry out its educational mission.

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