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Spanish Navy Physics and Mathematics School Armada's schools

Welcome Armada's schools

Welcome to the website of the School of Advanced Studies of Physico-Mathematical Sciences.

The purpose of this educational center is to boost the scientific training of designated officers in Physics and Mathematics. The School is located within the Royal Institute and Observatory of the Spanish Navy.

The syllabus intends to prepare naval officers for access to Spanish Navy Higher Technical Schools. With a 200 year-long history, the School has welcomed illustrious scientists and naval officers like Vicente Tofiño, Alejandro Malaspina, Cosme Churruca, Alcalá Galiano, Isaac Peral, Cecilio Pujazón, etc.

The Spanish Navy has been pioneer in many scientific fields like astronomy and other physico-mathematical sciences with highly qualified professors and lecturers.

An affectionate greeting.

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