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Naval Warfare College Armada's schools

History Armada's schools

The Naval Warfare College was established by King Alfonso XIII in May 1925 as the main educational center for naval officers on subjects related to naval warfare and doctrine. The syllabus has evolved with the years, being adapted to the theories and situations of these changing times.

The original premises of the College were in Quintana St. Madrid, but later moved to other buildings until its final location in the north of the capital.

In the past, there were two main courses: Naval Warfare for senior and junior Navy and Marine Corps officers and the High Command course for future flag officers. The former lasted between one and two years and was also attended by naval officers from allied and friendly Navies, particularly from South American naval services.

Part of the teaching activity included conferences and lectures given by College professors, practical exercises, educational travels and training in the first tactical and operational naval simulator that existed in Spain. The trainer simulated with great accuracy the CIC (Combat Information Center) of Spanish Navy warships.

The High Command course normally lasted three months and was oriented towards senior officers selected for possible promotion to different flag ranks. The course was also attended by some Diplomatic Corps representatives, usually Naval Attaches. The course consisted in a series of classes on the latest and more significant aspects of Naval Warfare, namely: Tactics, Organization and Logistics, International Law, Finance, World and National Strategy, and National Defense.

Both courses were attended not only by Navy officers but by officers from the other Services. A Faculty Exchange Program was also implemented among the other War Collages (Army and Air Force).

The College closed down in a ceremony presided over by King Juan Carlos I on June 25th 1999, after 75 years of educational activities.

To continue with these courses for Staff officers, the Ministry of Defense set up the Higher Staff College of the Armed Forces for officers from the three Services and the Guardia Civil (Gendarmerie).

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