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Patrol Boat “CAZADORA” (P-78) Ships

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The Commanding Officer of the Offshore Patrol Boat "Cazadora" welcomes you and invites you to visit this website. This ship (P-78) is part of the Maritime Action Force and her home port is Cartagena.

FEATURES - Patrol Boat "CAZADORA" - (P-78)
Features Values
LENGTH 88,8 mts.
BEAM 10,4 mts.

4 MTU-956 engines (4500 HP). 2 variable pitch propellers. An electric plant with 4 diesel generators.

AIRCRAFT Day VERTREP and VOD capability for SH-3D, SH-60B, AB-212 and H-500.
CREW 89 + 1 corpsman.
WEAPONS Up to 8 “Harpoon” missiles.
One 76/62 OTTO-MELARA gun.
One 20/120 OERLIKON machinegun.
Two 12.7 mm BROWNING machineguns.
4 Chaff launchers.
SENSORS Air radar DA-05
Surface radar ZW-06
DT radar WM-25
Navigation radar KH-1007
Navigation radar KODEN MD-3721
Electronic Warfare set RIGEL.
1 RHIBs (6 m) 1 RHIB (7.5 m)
1 cargo crane.
What we do? - Patrol Boat "CAZADORA" - (P-78)

The ship's main mission is maritime surveillance, which includes environmental protection, fishing control, fight against illegal immigration and drug smuggling, and shipping control.

In the last years, the "Cazadora" has also participated in anti-piracy operations in different African areas.

Where we are? - Patrol Boat "CAZADORA" - (P-78)

The home port of the patrol boat "Cazadora" (P-78) is Cartagena Naval Base where other Fleet and Maritime Action units are stationed. It is the largest Spanish Navy base in the Mediterranean.

Weapons - Patrol Boat "CAZADORA" - (P-78)

This ex-corvette keeps most of her original weapons capable of engaging in offensive and defensive operations. Specifically, the "Cazadora" has 4 "Harpoon" missiles, 1 "Oerlikon" machinegun, 1 76/62 OTTO-MELARA gun, 2 "Browning" machineguns and a wide variety of portable weapons: CETME rifles, pistols and shotguns.

Our history - Patrol Boat "CAZADORA" - (P-78)

The offshore patrol boat "Cazadora" (P-78) was built by BAZAN in Ferrol. She was launched in October 1978 and delivered to the Spanish Navy on July 20th 1981.

Originally, the P-78 was a "Descubierta"-class corvette with home port in Cartagena. In 2004 the ship was converted into a patrol boat.

She is the third Spanish Navy unit with that name. Others were:

  • A hooker decommissioned in Havana in 1779.
  • A 16-gun corvette (1782-1805).
Who we are? - Patrol Boat "CAZADORA" - (P-78)

The crew consists of 89 people, plus a corpsman: 8 officers, 16 NCOs and 65 seamen and ratings. All of them have been trained in different naval schools and academies: Marín, San Fernando and Ferrol.

Our daily life - Patrol Boat "CAZADORA" - (P-78)

Every year, a series of maneuvers are scheduled with other Maritime Action units, both in Spain and abroad. Exercises and drills are regularly carried out to keep the ship fully operational and ready to sail at short notice.

Main Operations and Exercises - Patrol Boat "CAZADORA" - (P-78)

Among her main missions, the following are worth mentioning: rescue of victims during the 1982 Alicante floods; UN blockade operations during the 1991 Gulf War. In that conflict she was nicknamed "Atom Ant" for her constant activity, weapons and peculiar silhouette. In 1992 she integrated into STANAVFORLANT and in 1994 she became the first Spanish Navy ship to carry out a BOST (Basic Operational Sea Training) in the United Kingdom. Many midshipmen carried out their final year cruise in this ship. The P-78 has participated in many national and international exercises: DYNAMIC MIX, DESTINED GLORY or TAPON. As of 2004 she began her new assignment as offshore patrol boat carrying out maritime surveillance tasks, and participating in multinational operations like ACTIVE ENDEAVOUR or UNIFIL in Lebanese waters in 2008. In 2011 she carried out anti-piracy missions in the Gulf of Guinea.

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