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Patrol boat “TORALLA” (P-81) Ships

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The Commanding Officer of the “Toralla” welcomes you to this webpage where you will learn about this ship with home port in Cartagena (Murcia) belonging to the Maritime Action Force.

Characteristics Values
LENGTH 28.5 meters
BEAM 6,5 meters
PROPULSION 2 MTU 396 TB93 diesel engines (1,100 HP)
2 fixed pitch propellers (4 blades each)
Electric plant with 2 SOLE diesel generators
WEAPONS 1 BROWNING 12.7 mm machine-gun
SENSORS Navigation radar KODEN MD3840
MISCELLANEOUS 1 Semi-rigid craft with outboard engine
What we do - Patrol boat TORALLA - (P-81)

Originally designed for fishing control missions, the “Toralla”-class boats are now mainly used for maritime surveillance tasks within territorial waters. Their design enables the ships to be modified for purposes outside main missions such as transport and infiltration of Special Operations units, and also cooperation with other State departments with responsibilities in the maritime domain.

Where we are - Patrol boat TORALLA - (P-81)

The home port of the patrol boat “Toralla” (P-81) is Cartagena Naval Base where other Fleet and Maritime Action units are stationed. It is the largest Spanish Navy base in the Mediterranean.

Materiel, vehicles and weapons - Patrol boat TORALLA - (P-81)

The ship has a semi-rigid craft on board used as an auxiliary support unit. The ship has no offensive weapons and only the necessary arms to repel unexpected threats: a machine-gun and a different array of handguns and rifles.

Our history - Patrol boat TORALLA - (P-81)

This light patrol boat (P-81) was the first of a series of two. She was built in Barcelona and launched and delivered to the Spanish Navy in 1987. The ship was named after a small isle off the coast of Vigo (Pontevedra).

Who we are - Patrol boat TORALLA - (P-81)

The crew consists of 12 men and women: 1 officer, 2 NCOs, 2 leading seamen and 7 ratings.

Our daily life - Patrol boat TORALLA - (P-81)

We regularly carry out maritime surveillance patrols in the eastern coast of Spain. We also collaborate in different military exercises controlling the navigation during the exercises in question.

Main Operations and Exercises - Patrol boat TORALLA - (P-81)

Some of the main missions where the “Toralla” has taken part were the integration in the JESENBAL Group; joint exercises with Navy and Army Special Operations units and collaboration in the submarine rescue exercise “Bold Monarch” to ensure the safety of navigation in the area.

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