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NAVAL MUSEUM - Organ of History and Naval Culture - Armada Española - Ministerio de Defensa - Gobierno de España

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NAVAL MUSEUM Organ of History and Naval Culture

The Madrid Naval Museum is a State institution which belongs to the Ministry of Defense. The Museum is under the organic command of the Admiral Chief of Naval Staff and is governed by a Board of Trustees (Real Patronato).

The Naval Museum is a living institution opened to the public. Its curators not only study, look after, exhibit and acquire new objects, but use it as an instrument of communication, education and dissemination of the maritime history of Spain and its traditions. The following are some of the research fields:

  • History of the Spanish Navy
  • Naval shipbuilding
  • Nautical science and auxiliary sciences like cosmography, cartography and nautical instruments.
  • History of maritime voyages and discoveries.
  • Underwater archaeology
  • Maritime heritage
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