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The fleet replenishment ship 'Cantabria' arrives in Australia - Navy News - Armada Española - Ministerio de Defensa - Gobierno de España

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Monday, 18 December 2017 - document to 11:35:38

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The fleet replenishment ship 'Cantabria' arrives in Australia
She will deploy with the Royal Australian Navy until the end of 2013
Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The fleet replenishment ship ‘Cantabria’ arrived this morning at Melbourne (Australia) to deploy with the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) until the end of this year.

The ship was welcomed by the Australian Fleet Commander, Tim Barret, accompanied by the Spanish Consul in Melbourne, Miguel Gómez de Aranda, the Defense Attaché in Canberra and the RAN Music Band.

The ship departed Ferrol on January 3rd and made two port calls at Souda (Crete) and Diego García (BIOT).

Her complement consists of 146 men and women; 12 RAN crew members embarked during her transit to Australia to get acquainted with the platform and her equipment and systems.

The deployment of the ‘Cantabria’ will permit the Spanish Navy to operate in a most interesting scenario from the strategic point of view, significantly improving training in far-off seas given the current budgetary constraints; and checking support procedures in long-term deployments.

On the other hand, this cooperation of the Spanish ship serves the Royal Australian Navy to enhance training opportunities and evaluate her capabilities in anticipation of replacing its tanker fleet. This deployment will permit an in-depth assessment of the ‘Cantabria’ as a possible candidate for the RAN procurement program of replenishment ships.

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