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The patrol boat ‘Medas’ concludes a Maritime Surveillance Campaign - Navy News - Armada Española - Ministerio de Defensa - Gobierno de España

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Monday, 18 December 2017 - document to 23:18:19

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Maritime Surveillance

The patrol boat ‘Medas’ concludes a Maritime Surveillance Campaign
Monday, July 31, 2017

The patrol boat ‘Medas’ (P-26) has just concluded a surveillance campaign integrated into the operational structure of the Spanish Armed Forces under command of the Maritime Surveillance and Security Authority. During the deployment, the P-26 also collaborated with NATO’s operation ‘Sea Guardian’ in the Mediterranean Sea.

During this short deployment, the ‘Medas’ carried out the following task: gather information of interest, defend national interest in the area, fight the illegal trafficking of people and naval presence.

A series of different training activities and drills were also conducted to familiarize the new CO and part of the crew with the patrol boat. The P-26 visited the Spanish city of Ceuta (North Africa) and paid a protocol visit to the Military Commander of the city, Major General Francisco Javier Sancho.

The patrol boat ‘Medas’, with a crew of 30 people, was commissioned into active service in October 1981 and is homeported in Puntales Naval Station.

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