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General Albacete Fuster Marine Corps School Armada's schools

Organization Armada's schools

  • Director – Superintendent
    • Chief of Services
    • Major Chief Petty Officer’s Office
    • Management Department
    • Head of Studies
      • Educational Advisory Council
      • General Services
      • Aids to Education
      • Secretariat
      • Departments:
        • Instruction and Training
          • Humanities, Science and Technology
            • Languages
            • Humanities, Science and Technology
          • Training
            • Promotion to NCO
            • Becoming a soldier
          • Further Education
            • Promotion to Petty Officer
            • Promotion to Corporal
            • Operations
        • Amphibious Warfare
        • Logistics
        • Protection and Security
        • Operations
          • Artillery
          • Sappers
          • Communications
    • Adjutancy
      • Head Office
      • General Services
      • Security
      • Maintenance
      • Medical Services
      • Religious Services
      • OFAPAR
      • Communications
        • CECOM
        • Computers
        • Networks
Organization EIMGAF

Flowchart School of Marina's Infantry


MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT: It is an auxiliary and support element for the School’s Secretary and is under command of a Marine Corps Major who, in turn, takes direct orders from the School’s Superintendent. This Department comprises three sections:

  • Secretariat
  • Administration
  • NATO Control Point

HEAD OF STUDIES: Under the command of a MC Lieutenant-Colonel, its main mission is to organize, control and coordinate all teaching activities.

ADJUTANCY:Under command of a MC Major, this department is in charge of all aspects related to the running, upkeep, maintenance and security of the different buildings.

CHIEF OF SERVICES:The Chief of Services is in charge of the following departments:

  • Financial and Administrative issues
  • Medical services
  • Religious assistance

MAJOR CHIEF PETTY OFFICER’S OFFICE: The Major Chief Petty Officer is under direct command of the Superintendent-Director of the School and manages all NCO personnel-related issues.

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